Making Manufacturing Easier

Making Manufacturing Easier

PCB Shipping 101: A Comprehensive Guide On PCB Shipping

by Izak Wassing

Shipping printed circuit boards can be tricky. Getting them where they need to go while still intact is an art form. The details are important when it comes to getting your circuit boards where they need to go. Preparing a shipment from point A to point B can be a lengthy, difficult task. If you have ever been tasked with preparing a printed circuit board (PCB) shipment, you probably understand that there is a wide range of intricacies to take into account from planning the route to filing the required paperwork. Keep reading to find out more about PCB shipping.

Preparing Your PCB for Shipping

Shipping is one of those areas where planning can make a huge difference in the costs of your business. Propper preparation for shipping PCBs is one of the crucial areas to consider. First, PCBs are often sensitive electronics with open circuits that can be damaged by static. So your boards need to be packaged in anti-static packaging. They also need to be properly packaged to prevent damage while they are being shipped. Lastly, the packages have to be clearly marked and have documentation to avoid problems when shipping them across borders.

DIY and Professional PCB Shipping Services

There are several options to handle the process of shipping your PCBs. The first option is in-house DIY shipping. Another option to consider is using a service to help with the shipping. The responsibilities of these services consist of collecting, packing, and sending them along with the necessary documentation. This can help reduce the costs of shipping products and ensure they reach their destinations safely.

Packaging Your PCB

The packaging of the PCB products is another important area to consider for your business. PCB shipping is the major cost for most projects, and it can be confusing to determine which method is best. Anti-static bags, packaging to protect the boards from damage, and other issues need to be considered. You might want to package the PCBs in anti-static packages before other third-party services handle them. This ensures short circuits do not damage the products before they reach the final destination.

Shipping and Tracking Your PCB Section

Shipping is a critical and complex task that comes along with manufacturing products. When you ship products with PCBs, you want to track the shipment to ensure it makes it to its destination. The more you learn about PCB manufacturing, the easier it will become to select the right carrier for your project. The right service will be able to handle the documentation, provide insurance and integrate solutions to track shipments.

Ensuring safe transport of your PCBs from the original manufacturer to their final destination is crucial for any business. Contact a PCB shipping service for help with the shipment of PCBs and other sensitive technology.


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