Making Manufacturing Easier

Making Manufacturing Easier

3 Instrumental Tips When Ordering Boxes For Displaying Candy

by Izak Wassing

If you sell candy on a professional level, you'll need to spend some time thinking about boxing. It can make or break your candy sales in fact. So that you have success with your candy boxes, keep these selection tips in mind. 

Assess Available Shelf Space 

Unfortunately, you probably don't have unlimited space for these candy boxes. So that you order the right size of boxes that fit perfectly, you need to assess available shelf space before ordering. For this step, you'll want to take dimensions of the shelves where these boxes are going. 

After gathering the width, length, and height dimensions, you'll have a better idea of what box size will work. It's better to err on the side of caution and order smaller-sized boxes as opposed to large, as you wouldn't have to worry about running out of room.

Look For Clear Window Designs 

A lot of candy boxes today just cover the candy inside. Buyers then can't really see what they're purchasing, except for the graphics on top. To entice shoppers to buy, you need a better way to display your candy.

That's where clear windows come in handy. When your boxes have clear window sections at the top, shoppers can see exactly what the candy looks like. By having a more accurate depiction of your candy, they'll be more compelled to buy. These clear window boxes are particularly beneficial when selling gourmet chocolate that looks beautiful. 

Opt For Customization 

So that you can present your candy in a truly unique way, you need to choose candy boxes that can be fully customized. Then, you'll have so many design possibilities to consider. For example, you can customize the logo and lettering on your candy boxes. These details are important for creating a reputable candy brand.

Being able to customize your boxes also lets you choose a unique shape, as opposed to going with standard shapes like rectangles and squares. The more unique you can make your candy boxes look, the more appealing the candy inside will be. This is marketing 101. 

Selling candy can be a profitable business if you have a loyal customer base that likes what you offer. So that you set your candy business up for success, take your time choosing candy boxes for your products. Don't be afraid to be creative either. When your candy boxes truly are special, you can enhance your return on investment (ROI). 


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